The IRSF Information for observers

Japanese page is here.

Observing Manuals

   ・The IRSF Observing Manual (PDF, 206KB,ver. 2003.8.15)

     ・Start and Finish (PDF, 130KB)

     ・Data Recording (PDF, 122KB)

   ・How to Maintenance(preparing)

   ・Trouble Shooting(preparing)

Maintenance, Specification

   ・Documents for Maintenance, etc.

   ・Specification of IRSF/SIRIUS

・Helpful Information

   ・IRSF Observing Report

   ・IRSF's tonight

   ・Contacts and ... (Lots of Informations by Tetsuya)

   ・How to go to IRSF (Japan -- Sutherland)

   ・Sutherland in SAAO

   ・If you want to use IRSF, ...(preparing)


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