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IRSF - InfraRed Survey Facility -
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IRSF Picture of the Mouth/ 2006.4
[Globule : FeSt 1-457 et al.]
Date : 2003.6.29
Field Size : 5'.7 x 5'.7
Expo. Time : 20sec. x 180
JHKs composite color

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About IRSF
IRSF (InfraRed Survey Facility) is located at Suhterland, South Africa and the survey project started since Nov. 2000 in the near infrared (J, H, Ks) bands. The facility (SIRIUS camera and 1.4-m IR telescope) is easy both for operation and data-reduction, owing to its simplicity. The instrument has been producing numerous scientific data every clear night for the last four and half years under friendly collaboration between Nagoya Univ-Kyoto Univ-NAOJ (Japan) and SAAO (South Africa).